Kate’s Dream Classroom

What does your dream classroom look like? I guess that all depends on your age and where you are teaching. We can all think of that one teacher who’d answer, “I’d love to have an overhead projector back in my classroom so that I can use my transparencies.” On the flip side we can all think of that one teacher who would respond with, “Have you ever watched Star Trek? Well, I think I have just answered your question. Scotty, do you copy?” As they adjust their long hair around their face as though they are hiding something.

If you are neither a poodle skirt wearing teacher nor a Beamer-upper, you are with me in the middle of that spectrum. My dream classroom would be rich with interactive technologies. I want the students to be interacting with my lesson and to be exploring teacher given or student driven topics on their own. When students are engaged they are learning more and they don’t even realize it. The push for small groups in the classroom is great on the elementary level, but can be utilized on all grade levels. The main problem, how can a teacher truly assess what is being learned by the students every day in small groups/center activities? That is a lot of work for one teacher. Teachers are already overworked and underpaid as is, now add to daily lesson planning the creation of at least five different, daily centers that not only capture the students’ attention, but are supplementing what the teacher has taught.

Electroboard Education has a solution to make your classroom more interactive and less work for the teacher. The teacher would make five lessons on his/her Pro Presenter software. Instead of rotating five times a day, the students will work on one center a day. Teachers can set up small groups each equipped with the Prowise All-in-One with Windows 8. The students in each center will have a different teacher created lesson and will be able to interact with the All-in-One by either the use of a tablet or by using the ten point touch screen. The students would finish a lesson as a group, then be assessed as individuals using the software. The data would be graded and saved for the teacher. This would allow the teacher more time with his/her small group ensuring students differentiation in the classroom and reaching all learners.

The Prowise All-in-One can lay flat or it can sit up like a computer monitor allowing up to ten students to work on individual or whole group activities. To add to all of this greatness, teachers can save their center lessons in a community folder within not only their personal folder, but also a district folder. Now, instead of re-inventing the wheel, teachers can use a center lesson that was created by another teacher.

allInOne   allin one two

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