Eric’s Dream Classroom

My Dream Classroom?

Have you ever watched Iron Man? I have always dreamed of having Jarvis as my TA! Seriously. Alas, I’m not a billionaire and none of the principals I’ve worked for have been able to find the money to do the r&d necessary to create my ultimate classroom companion. So I’ve been left to my own devices, quite literally at times, but now have a very clear view of just what my realistic dream classroom needs.

First, I need a good display, something that’s bright enough to see without turning out the lights (so I can actually monitor the students for comprehension), responsive, preferably multi-touch, and able to effortlessly handle whatever I want to attach to it. Oh, and it would be nice if it were mobile. Something like the Prowise 65” 10 point multi-touch display.

Prowise-7okt- 14

Oh, and did I mention that it’s available on a stand that raises, lowers and allows it to be tilted into a flat table… a flat 10 point touch Ultra HD table with an optional PC and Blu-ray modules… It’s not quite Jarvis but we’re getting close.


Now, I also need software to interact with my awesome display… something wildly interactive, easy to use, that captures the student’s attention and preferably lives in the cloud so I can create lessons from anywhere.

Looks like Prowise has the answer for this as well.


Prowise Presenter software Has all the functionality I asked for above and more… so much more that it needs to be a post (or several) of its own. Let me just sum it up with saying that with its built-in interactivity (including quizzes!) and the fantastic premade tools (3-d interactive models any one?) and the fact that it will convert lessons I’ve created in other formats so that the huge time investment I made isn’t lost, it’s a winner.

So far so good but… I also want my students to interact with the lessons. Prowise offers two solutions for this… an affordable 2-in-1 windows tablet and an android tablet. I’ll take a class set please.

3luik_windowstabletKopie van Img30666

Finally, one thing I demand from my room is that I’m not tied to the front of the classroom. I’m not the sage-on-the-stage! I need freedom to move around the room while presenting. I need to be able to do comprehension checks and to passively manage my class with my physical presence. Fortunately, this too is possible. With the Prowise 2-in-1 tablet running Presenter and running screen mirroring software on the Prowise panel I can be free to move around the room at will.

Well, that in a nutshell is what my dream classroom looks like right now… until Jarvis is “born” I’m sure it will meet all my classroom needs.

What does your dream classroom look like?

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