Amazing Primary Tool

“What’s your favorite ice-cream, mine is chocolate. Then again, I’d like to try them all.” Yep, that is exactly how I would answer, “What is your favorite tool to use on Prowise Presenter”. I, of course, have a favorite tool, but I love to use them all!

For the first six years of my teaching career I taught kindergarten. My school did not have much technology and the technology we did have was wildly outdated. I was using an overhead projector to teach place value using base ten blocks. Stop and let that set in. Base ten blocks on an overhead projector. If you are picturing this and asking, “Wouldn’t the thousands cube look like the hundreds square?” then you are getting it!  It was about pointless. Then I’d run into the problem of not having enough blocks to break down the thousands cube into a hundreds square or a hundreds square into sticks of ten and so on. Whole group instruction was utterly futile.

On Presenter, I was thrilled to see they had a tool that I so wish I had back in my kindergarten teaching days. Not only does the thousands cube look like a cube, but everything can be “split”. Insert the place value chart, and now students can drag the base ten blocks into position to show the value. Adding and subtracting suddenly became alive! As I showed this tool to other non-kindergarten teachers, I was able to show them how we “carry” or “borrow” in math and how this is our visual representation. Minds blown. In primary school I was a struggling math student. If I could have used and seen this that would have certainly changed.

base10 base10Split placeValue

Now, get ready for this. Insert the use of the Prowise 65” Panel with ten point touch and height adjustable stand. Take the Base Ten block tool, duplicate it a few times, arrange them, put your panel in the table top position, and voila! You now have several students working on your board manipulating the blocks! Holy interaction, Batman!

Prowise-7okt- 14

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