Christina’s Dream Classroom

What does my dream classroom look like?  My dream classroom used to resemble a picture many teachers have in their heads. Students are furiously writing or typing away, looking extremely engaged just as the principal walks in and sees a community of young minds, analyzing and evaluating. However, in today’s technology crazed age, that isn’t always the case.  One student might be on their computer playing video games, another has an ear bud hiding in one ear, or one is typing a text message under the desk. Teachers now add “cell phone cop” to their list of job descriptions. Since this seems to be the case in some classrooms, why fight a losing battle?Kopie van Img30666

Instead, my dream classroom has now transformed into a class full of students bringing their own devices (BYOD) to collaborate and interact while I am facilitating class discussions. Using the Prowise Presenter Software and the Pro Connect app, I can display an open ended question on my flat panel 65 inch mobile computer and share my screen with my students to their own devices. Next, the students share their screens right back to me and I can then show multiple student answers at once, and as a class, we can evaluate and compare the work together. Gone are the days when I have to sit right in front of my document camera, zoom in and out when I want to show student work or annotate a text. Now, using Prowise software, I can annotate on their responses to correct any mistakes or point out exemplar work right away.Tablets_Android_ipad-1-1-1

Additionally, checking for understanding using Pro Connect or doing a quick exit ticket is now fast and efficient, while saving paper and time spent at the copy machine. Furthermore, the warm up activity, for example, can be sent to their screens and I wouldn’t to have to worry if everyone can see the board.  I might even click the share screen icon and askents to vote midway through my lesson or answer a multiple choice question. This type of formative assessment allows me to know right away what concepts need to be retaught or what objectives have been successfully met. Pro Connect and Prowise Presenter software make it easier to communicate with students, all while giving them a voice in the classroom and keeping them engaged using their own technology. Simultaneously, they are learning from each other using authentic student work. The same process works with any subject; kids can solve a math problem, or translate a Spanish sentence from a lesson saved on the cloud based software or created on the fly.  This is not just my dream classroom, this is every teacher’s vision!


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