Prowise Strikes Again!

Hey, science teachers! Have you ever had so much content that you needed to cover in one day and you were just sure you’d lose the students’ attention? Well, guess what, you will! As you know, it is all about how you approach content and how your present it! Handing out packets of paper will cut your copy number in a terribly way and having the students sit there and listen to you lecture will not only bore them, but you as well. Try this!
Let’s say you have to cover the parts of the brain today. All of the parts. Here I have taken the picture of the brain that is already on the Presenter software. I have labeled each part of the brain that I need to cover today. You see the “chain” icon next to each part?

Capture (2)

If the students click on the word it will take them to a screen that gives all the information that will be discussed on that part of the brain. I even included a video. There is a “home” icon that will bring them back to the whole brain page so that they can now navigate to another part of the brain. This took me less than 20 minutes to create. I never even had to leave the Presenter software because the pictures and videos are all built in.


This is a lesson that can be done either whole group or in small groups around the classroom. In small groups the students will hit all the topics, but in the order they want. This can be done as a FLIPPED lesson as well. This will give them a sense of control in what they are learning and make them more apt to take a further look or pay more attention which will increase their comprehension.

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