Solving teacher nightmares one teacher cart at a time…

When I was a student teacher many things seemed overwhelming to me about my new career. One of the promises I made to myself was never be that teacher that lugged around an ugly teacher cart. That thought of the last bell ringing on Friday and having to load up a fold-able hot pink milk crate with a luggage handle attached and drag it across campus behind me, loaded  up with papers was against everything I believed in. After a couple of months into my first year, I realized there was a reason people dragged those terrible carts. They weren’t just carrying papers, but their laptops and books used for lesson planning as well.

It’s almost impossible to lesson plan these days without using a computer for something, especially if you are using software that must be downloaded to your computer. Years later I finally figured out the perfect compromise to planning at home: saveCloud Based Lesson Software.  No downloading of new software is necessary since updates are automatic. This allows educators the freedom of sharing lessons and even obtaining other previously made content easily. I won’t have to make copies of papers first thing in the morning either, since I can share parts of my lesson with Prowise Presenter right to the student computers or devices.

Even better, I can create my lesson on Prowise software and include YouTube videos in the correct order that I wanted to show them in class. No more emailing myself links to videos and hoping that the ads that pop up the next day wouldn’t be inappropriate. Prowise software allows teachers to show videos without the annoying ads and wait time. Also, when the video is playing, I can annotate next to or on the video itself. These notes can be saved as learning outcomes from the clip. Additionally, less time spent waiting for ads to end or doing searches in front of the class is time spent enhancing student learning outcomes and increasing comprehension.

Also, if I want to upload any Word or PowerPoint lessons that I previously used, I can start a new presentation in the software, save it to the folder (private,importschool, district, community) and open it up the next day without having to go through my email, download the attachment, or worry about saving it to my flash drive that I might forget at home. With the combination of my students turning in their essays online, and not having a computer to lug around, my annoying teacher cart nightmare is gone for good!

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