Services and Maintenance

 At ELECTROBOARD we understand the need to protect your investments, whether that investment be one of our Prowise panels or an older investment that is still in use. Our tech savvy Education Consultants are able and capable to come to your school help maintain your technologies. If it is beyond our Education Consultants’ abilities there is no need to call an 800 number, select a language, and listen to elevator music while you spend your very valuable time waiting. Our ELECTROBOARD technicians are all in house and able to come to your location anywhere from 4-24 hours of your call.








If your school is using an Interactive White board, it is important to remember that dust and small particles can interfere with the effectiveness of your board. Also, overheating of your projector can cause issues causing parts that are supposed to stick in place to become unattached. For example:






This wire continued to pop off at a recently visited school. The wire would hang down in front of the projector and continue to be a nuisance. The classroom teacher taped the wire in place. When serviced, they had asked about the remote not working properly. Our Education Consultants were able to explain that this wire is actually an infrared that receives the messages from the remote. Since it was covered up, the remote was not able to talk with the projector and work properly.

As Education Consultants it is our job to ensure that teachers are able to use the technology in their classroom and offer and educate you on alternative technologies that not only fit your school’s needs, but budgets as well.

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