Student success and teacher efficiency part two.

So, a couple of weeks ago I shared my lament about how the very things that can add so much to how well our students understand our lessons can add so much to our workload as teachers. I went on to demonstrate one way that Prowise Presenter can help is by making it super easy to incorporate multimedia into your lessons.

Really that just scratches the surface of all the ways that Presenter can make you more efficient in your classroom.

Presenter includes a huge number of interactive tools built directly into the software that are just a mouse-click or two away. Some of these can make your life as a teacher so much easier… sometimes in ways you wouldn’t even imagine software could help.

Take for example Base-10 blocks, great for teaching concepts but second only to glitter (shudder) when it comes to classroom clean up and way harder on your feet!

The video below will show you just how easy it is to use this fantastic tool in Presenter. Watch the video and imagine your students gathered around the Prowise 65″ lowered into the flat table mode interacting with the lesson that only took you a minute to create and will take even less time to put away! Your poor feet will thank you.

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