Time is on your side, manage it

Ever have a bajillion, yes, I said “bajillion” look it up in the Urban Dictionary, things to do and you begin to stress? You stress out thinking of all you have to do and know that the due date is quickly approaching. What do you do? Yep, that’s right, you check Facebook.

Your students are no different from you. You assign something you see as small and can be done quickly and easily. They see it as though you have just assigned the reading of the Iliad with a full report due the next day! They begin to stress and see the time ticking down quickly and…Oh! Something shiny!

Teach your students to become masters of Time Management. This is a skill that not onlytimer are so many students lacking, but adults as well! Give them a task, break that task down into more simple steps, and give them a time frame in which to complete said task. Presenter’s “Timer Alarm Clock” allows the teacher to do just that.

This tool can help your students become more efficient time managers, but can also help classroom managthem see what to expect from the day. How many times have you sat in a PD class and strained your neck to see the bottom left hand corner of the PowerPoint hoping to see just how many more slides you were going to have to endure until the next break-out session or 5 minute break? Again, students are no different. Show them what their day will be like using one of these tools. Both tools will count down the time for you.

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