Formative Assessments Made Fun and Easy

Checking for understanding is something every teacher must do. I remember in my classroom I would post an open ended question on the board before the bell rang, stand by the door and wait for every student to hand me their torn up half sheet of paper.

While this formative assessment was extremely valuable in making sure students were able to understand the objectives and standards, their answers usually went in the garbage can by the end of the day, after a quick glance.  Exit tickets are a useful way to quickly check concepts, but what if students could do this digitally from any device?waiting for the next activity to start

How much more fun would they have if they could type in their answers, send it to the teacher and the teacher could compare responses from the class in real time while everyone is still there? Instead of throwing away slips of paper, the teacher could simply delete the activity when it was over. Even better, save the answers in “The Cloud” and have them to begin class the next day. In this scenario, the teacher would start with activating prior knowledge from the previous day’s lesson before moving on to the next day’s objectives. This can easily be done in Prowise Presenter from a Prowise interactive flat panel while communicating with students from any device… #BYOD.

Simply start a group and any student can join whether they are in the classroom, or from a remote location. Exit123Digital assessments saveExit ticket received time while engaging students in an interactive and resourceful way. Using devices that students already have in their backpacks, students can respond quickly to any warm up activity, formative assessment, or exit ticket in any class. Below are some examples of what this might look like in a Language Arts classroom when analyzing an excerpt Of Mice and Men, after the students sent back their responses to the open ended, text dependent question.

class comparison

comparing four students

Happy exiting!

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