Hour of Code

Hour of Code is coming! Are you prepared? Ugh! Think of all the cardboard boxes you’re going to have to collect and all of the extra time spent at school grading the Hour of Code projects as they will be too much of a hassle to take home. Oh, the headache.

Well, here is some pain reliever for that headache! Presenter just did a software update and it is nothing short of Er-Mazing (pronounced Amazing…only different)! The timing for this update and what it contains could not have come at a better time. Prowise has added a CodeWise tool in the built in tools. Here students can create a code, change the character, and even change the background.

A few helpful tips. The “up” arrow moves your character forward only. The “down” arrow moves your character backwards only. If you want to turn your character, you need to use the turn arrow to turn, then the up arrow to move forward. Yeah, it took me a few times before I was able to “level-up”.

The great thing about all of the tools being in one spot, is that I can change the background of the map. I am not stuck with the maps/backgrounds Prowise has given me. I just need to do a web search for the background I want, insert it, then change the transparency settings.

One last thing before you leave me and begin playing with CodeWise. If you are doing a lesson on community, you could insert a map of your town using the Prowise tool, “Geography USA”, type in your address, and use that as the background. Have students navigate around their own town! Have fun, fellow Coder, and enjoy!

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  1. […] I’m lookin’ at my Rollie, it’s about that time. Time for Hour of Code! I do love a good challenge, so I thought I’d share this idea with you. Presenter has a built in tool called CodeWise. CodeWise is a tool that students of all ages can use to help with teaching coding skills. CodeWise teaches students the basics of computer coding. The students create a code of simple commands to help their character get to the end goal. You can change the background to one of Prowise’s 4 built in backgrounds. If those backgrounds do not meet the needs of your lesson, simply click on the images button in the lower left hand corner, type in the search bar the kind of picture you are looking for, find the perfect picture, and add it. After changing the transparency level of the picture you can now add it as a background for your CodeWise. You can watch a video on this from my blog post titled “Hour of Code”. […]


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