Hooray! We are a 1:1 school! Now what?!

So, you’re now a 1:1 school. That’s awesome! Now what? I’ll tell you what. Now, you will be evaluated on if and how you use the devices in your classroom. Sounds pretty terrifying if you have no idea how to use them! Do not panic! It is easy and will actually make your life so much less stressful that you’ll be kissing the feet of the Tech Committee who decided this was a good idea.
Prowise Presenter is now the Peanut Butter to your jelly! Everyone knows that Peanut Butter sandwiches are tasty, but add jelly and BAM! You have a culinary delight in your belly that not only satisfies you, but makes your life easier to deal with. Much like this, 1:1 is amazing to have. Add the Presenter software and you now have an Ed Tech classroom that will not only boost test scores, but engage your learners making you an Ed Tech Hero! Presenter is a white board software program that is cloud based. It also has the ability to connect to your 1:1 devices or really anything with an internet connection. For an added bonus, you do not have to use up your valuable planning period to upload or enter any of your students’ credentials! They simply log on, enter their names, and the group code and voila! Everyone is ready to learn and collaborate!
Collaboration is the key to any classroom environment. Students learn from each other, so give them that chance. Presenter allows you to send a screen out to students allowing them to vote or answer a question then re-submit to the teacher. The students’ answers show up as thumbnails on the Panel at the front of the class where compsthe teacher can now bring several up at a time and compare the answers or even annotate on the answers. A student can now show the class how she got an answer when the teacher selects that student’s work on the Panel. Now, in real time on her 1:1 device the student can explain and teach her peers. Save the students’ answers and move on with your lesson. You have just completed a comprehension check and created a learning moment at the same time without collecting paper! Can you feel your cape beginning to wave in the breeze yet?
Take it a step further! Students love to play games, but what they don’t know is that they are actually learning during play! Presenter has many super built-in tools. As students answer math questions on their 1:1 device they can watch their rocket ship or mouse race toward the finish line on the panel up front. Classes can collaborate on an idea by creating a class mind map! The teacher selects a topic, the students add to the map using their 1:1 device and the ideas appear on the panel in the front of the classroom! You have just created a moment where students are able to collaborate and work as a team in a fun way without taking up too much of your class time!
Protect your investment! Use the Presenter software and use your 1:1 devices daily. It is easy, quick, and effective. Be the hero of your class and your school without breaking a sweat! Still nervous about leaping over tall buildings? Stay tuned for a future post showing ways to use the built-in tools of Presenter and your new 1:1 devices.

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