Interactive board vs. panel

This is one of those posts that I really didn’t want to write… still don’t actually. Simply because it’s a topic that can get mind numbingly boring… to write and to read! I really don’t want to subject you my gentle, reader to something that is so mind numbingly dull that it makes you stare longingly at that pile of papers you need to grade because you crave the stimulus. Nope, don’t want to do that!

But, there is information I want to discuss… “What are the key differences between the old school interactive boards and the new Prowise interactive panels?” I think it’s important so, how do I do this?

Fine, let’s just have an old fashioned know-down drag-out fight. Combatants to your corners!

Round 1 Interactivity… it’s in both names so let’s start there.

So, which is truly more interactive? Hmm most boards are 2-6 points of touch… Prowise easily wins this with 10 points… But, is this really important? How many fingers do you need to write with anyway? Well, the answer to that gets a bit tricky. With an old fashioned board mounted to a wall you might be able to get two, maybe three, students side by side working at the board so, 2-6 points works, just barely. It’s a different story on the Prowise which, if installed on the All-in-one mobile stand, can be laid horizontal so that it becomes an interactive table which you can easily have 5-6 students collaborating on at the same time and… yeah 10 points of touch is a now BIG deal!

Prowise doesn’t stop here, no, with their cloud-based Presenter software, they take interactivity to an entire new level. Presenter allows the teacher to have incredible interactivity with the existing classroom devices… maximizing your existing technology investment! Wondering what to do with those 1-1 or BYOD devices? Look no further it deserved a post of its own!

This round clearly goes to Prowise as the old boards are on the ropes calling to their (IT) manager.

Round 2


This round is going to be short, real short. With the old projector-based interactive boards to really see what’s on the screen you need to at least dim the lights. Period.

The Prowise panel is a bright, beautiful Ultra HD LED display. Your classroom video’s have never had it so good… heck, your home theater probably has never had it this good! If you’ve never seen what 4k video looks like, well, you’re in for a treat. Not to mention the sound quality of the integrated 2.1 soundbar… but that’s not visibility. No hitting below the belt! Let’s keep it a clean fight.

No contest on this one at all… the old boards are still on their feet but… it’s a standing three count that ends the round.

round threePrice

Now, this one seems like a no-brainer right? I mean the interactive board technology has been around for decades! It has to be cheaper… way cheaper! Right?

Turns out the answer is not quite as cut and dry as you might think.

Let’s look at it this way, the old boards do indeed have a lower initial purchase price… but not nearly as great as you might think and it becomes even closer if you start comparing apples to apples. For example, in its most common configuration the Prowise is bundled with an internal PC module and a Blu Ray module making it a truly stand-alone unit with only one cable plugged into the wall. Now, forget the fact that you can’t even do that with the old-boards. Add the price of a laptop and Blu Ray player to its price and well, it’s just possible that the Prowise is already priced more competitively… but wait, there’s more lol.

With the old boards you have one very high maintenance component… the projector. It eats bulbs! Voraciously. And, its lifespan is on average maybe 5000 hours, if you’re lucky. So, let’s say a cheap $200 bulb every 500 or so hours at best… that’s $2000 in bulbs over the life of the projector. The LED engine on the Prowise panel is rated at 70,000 hours. Yes, seventy-thousand-hours! If you left it on eight hours a day for the 180 school days in a year that means it may burn out in … wait for it… 48.6 years. Want to know how many projector bulbs and projectors you’d go through in that time? A lot!

Surprisingly, even in this tough round where you’d think the advantage would clearly go to the old school master, Prowise wins and the old interactive boards are being dragged off the canvas and on to the stretcher.


Prowise for the win… and we didn’t even touch on the 5 year warrantee and many other features in which Prowise clearly out classes the competition.

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