21st Century Skills Come Alive Digitally

As an advocate of technology in the classroom I read a lot of articles on trends and innovations in educational technology. Recently I came across an article on the debate of how technology should not be used to replace digitally what teachers were doing previously on old school white boards. It stated that what technology should be doing is allowing for students to create and interact digitally. I couldn’t agree more.

As a former English teacher, I realize how hard it is to get a student to type an essay on a computer in a classroom distracted by 29 peers, let alone have the spdownloadace or focus to actually critically think, create, communicate and collaborate at the same time. Enter in the Classroom Collaboration System. This unique solution is not only a digital platform for students to share their ideas as individuals to a larger group, it allows the teacher to become a facilitator, the ultimate goal for many administrators and flipped classroom theorists.

Students can now post written or visual ideas to one classroom canvas using their own devices while the moderator on the wall moves them around and sorts them. Flip it around and allow students to collaborate in groups ondownload (1) the wall by adding ideas up front as well. This technology works well in a classroom setting or even in a multipurpose room for clubs and ASB groups to collaborate on new ideas for an upcoming dance or function. When a student thinks of a great idea from home, they can add it by signing on from any device and discuss it when the group is ready to meet again.

image1Today, I created a canvas to discuss Epic Heroes. I created an essential question for the digital canvas, “What Makes an Epic Hero?” Then, I invited my colleagues as participants and created sub categories for the group to collaborate with pictures, virtual sticky notes and sketches. I can’t wait to see what ideas everyone comes up with!

If you would like to see and try the Classroom Collaboration System for yourself, we have a dual projector canvas all set up at our office for you to participate with at any time! We are also having an open house in Cypress on December 3rd. Message me for details. I can’t wait for your students to use this digital platform to interact and build community all while having a great time learning from each other.

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