New Year’s Tech Resolution

“New year, new me.”

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. Teachers are going on their two week Winter Break, something that is so needed as it is about this point every year most of them begin to feel the burn of being burnt out. After two weeks away and with the sense of rejuvenation that a New Year will bring, teachers begin to reflect on how they can become better educators and what they need to do to reach all children or at least survive the final 5 months of school. Allow me to help.

We can all agree that students learn more when they are actively engaged and interest is peeked. Step one: Ditch the text book. No, don’t you gasp at me! A text book does not hold the answer to higher test scores, you do! Activate their minds by doing something that is one, relevant to them and two, ties into concept needing to be taught. This will take a bit of brainstorming, collaboration, and thinking from you, however, the effects it will have on your students will amaze you. Twitter can be a powerful tool in the classroom and it does not need to take up too much instructional new_bird_0time either. Students can follow some of their favorite celebrities on Twitter. Each day, have the students pick a celebrity they follow and edit that celeb’s tweet. Now, this can be done several ways. You can have them do this on a piece of paper to turn in or digitally turn in. Or, your class could have a common hashtag such as #Glam2Gram (okay, so that was super cheese, but go with it). The students would retweet the celeb’s grammatically incorrect tweet and add the class hashtag. The hashtags would populate on Twitter where the teacher could check each student’s correction. This is not to make anyone feel less smart, but rather get students to edit the work of someone they admire. The student’s live tweets could be seen at the front of the class on the Prowise LED panel since it has a built in PC!

Having said all of that, use apps! Apps are fun and you know we all have one guilty pleasure app. Use them in the classroom. Words with Friends, Imagechallenge either another classroom or another class period. Show the game up on the Panel and have students come up with a word. He with the highest pointed word, plays his word that day. Don’t teach Language Arts? Don’t stop reading! There are some amazing apps out there for History/Social Studies. History Channel now has three apps Age of Explorers, Empire Run and Frontier Heroes. Learning about Winston Churchill? There is an amazing app for that! Also, time travel with Infinity Ring by Scholastic and explore the French Revolution, War of 1812, and FullSizeRenderprimitive Japan. Science teachers, you are not left out! Try out DNAPlay as you begin to teach students how different genes make different appearances. PE teachers, poor PE teachers. You are always forgotten when it comes to tech. Use our 10-point touch panels and play Fruit Ninja on rainy days! It is fun, believe me!

You don’t always have time, especially with testing coming up, to go on field trips. Virtual field trips done correctly are amazing! Prowise panels have a webcam port at the top of the panel. Now, when you do a virtual field trip it is more real to the students. Since the panel is Ultra HD, there is no need to turn off lights in the classroom and there is no need to sit on the floor and just watch. The students can now be in their seats and with the camera on top of the panel, the entire class is being seen by the presenter at the library, zoo, or museum. They can all interact with the presenter and the presenter with them thanks to the built in 2.1 sound bar. Again, it doesn’t need to take the entire class time, but would make learning so much more relevant than just a text book. Since Electroboard works with many libraries, zoos, and museums, an Education Consultant would love to help set something up for a class.

These are just a few ideas. Think of all the possibilities of a large LED panel with a built in PC can do in your classroom. Yes, it is a new year. Bring out the fun!

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