Engage Your English Language Learners

One of the many great things about the Prowise Presenter cloud-based software is that apps can be modified to reach all learners. Many times we think of learners who are maybe a little behind in reading and math or maybe they just need more time on a concept. Many times we teachers tend to overlook the English Language Learners. When I was in the classroom I had limited tools to help me assist my ELL students therefore I would spend tons of time creating my own. Well, fellow teachers, it’s time to own back your weekends!

Remember playing the game Memory as a child? You have to match the pictures together? Yes, this would be great to some degree with ELLs, but I’m about to show you how to take it to a whole other level! See, when learning a language it is not just about if you can match pictures or recognize cultural differences. It’s about mastering the sounds of that language and matching the words with pictures.

When you begin in Presenter there is an app under ‘tools’ > ‘Language’ in the lower left hand corner called Open Memory. Memory

The great thing about Open Memory is that it will allow you to set the game up using pictures, sounds, or text. This means you can place a picture of an apple and have it match up with the English word ‘Apple’ or the foreign word such as ‘Mansana’. To do this all you need to do is select the MemorySetUpcard type from the top of the game. Picture-picture, Picture-word, Word-word. It is important to not that picture can be a normal picture or it can be a sound as well. Pictures can be from clip art, or a teacher can upload her own images from a camera. For a generic example, in the picture to the right in Set 3 I added a picture from clip art of a rectangle and will have it match to the word ‘Rectangle’.

Another great feature of Open Memory is that it allows you to have up to four players and it keeps score for you. You can also set a timer on how long each player have to make their move to make sure too much time isn’t being wasted. Other options you have it choosing the color of the font that is used for text, how many cards there will be to choose from, and saving the game. I highly suggest saving the game you have created. Saving the game allows you to open and play that game anytime even when you are in a different lesson. To do this, you will need to hit the file folder in the lower right hand corner. It will ask you what you’d like to name it, a description, and in which folder you’d like to save the game.

Once the game has been created if you would like there to be multiple players up at your Prowise panel playing simultaneously, you can have two games going at the same time! Click on the the game and you will see four blue circles appear. By clicking and dragging those circles you can resize the image. If you are setting it up to have multiple games goingresize - Copy at the same time you will need to shrink the games down a bit. To create another game of Memory to be played at the same time, click on the double boxes next to the paper clip. Click on “duplicate” to create another game! Now, click on the half circle next to the garbage can. While holding it down rotate the image upside down! Click start on both games. Multiple students can now play Memory simultaneously.

Want to add sound! You can do that! Have the students match the picture with the vocalized word. Endless possibilities. Now, sit back and enjoy watching your ELL students become more engaged in a lesson than they have all year. Watch them flourish as Second Language Learners and enjoy your weekends!

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