Prowise Presenter Software (and the Interactive Classroom)

We’ve come a long way since Ben Stein’s character repeated Ferris Bueller’s name in a monotone voice and the other students dozed off and drooled. Our classrooms today are much louder and more interactive. We need a presentation software that allows for students to participate in the presentation. That’s where the Prowise Presenter software comes in.

What is the Presenter software? It’s a cloud-based software that teachers can use anywhere they have an internet connection. The software makes many basic functions easier: teachers can search Google for images and videos without leaving their presentation. That means that teachers don’t have to right click or save files. Inserting pictures and videos is easy!

Inserting Images


Inserting Videos

Of course, inserting pictures and videos isn’t really all that special, right? So it’s a good thing Presenter offers more than that. You want to teach literacy? That’s no big deal. For example, you can create word magnets to teach phonics. Being able to create word magnets, alone, is an incredible feature. Make some with a short-a sound (“cap,” “hat,” and “man”). Then, make some word magnets with the long-a sound (“cake,” “lake,” and “tape”). The students can then practice reading the words and sorting them into the proper category. The potential is limitless, and you don’t have to cut out little pieces of paper any more in order to do word sorts.

Word Magnets

But wait; there’s more! Kids can’t just sit around and read all day…they better have some numeracy skills too. Presenter has loads of tools that help students learn math concepts like decimals, fractions, measuring, money, percentages, time, and more. While the tools are more plentiful for younger grades, there are still many to choose from for older students.

Math Tools

Now, if you had an hour or two (and you didn’t care how boring my writing was), I would simply list out every single feature available on Presenter. However, I’m assuming you don’t have the rest of the day to read about the minor features like the different timers, the dice, or the scoreboard. Thus, I will finish up by mentioning a few of the other tools that teachers might be interested in:

  1. You can import files you’ve already created into Presenter and then spruce them up with all the different tools and whatnot (compatible file types are PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, OOD, and Smart). The files you’ve already made are still usable.
  2. You can create links to both the internet and different sections of the presentation so that things run more smoothly when you present.
  3. Math and English are not the only subjects with tools. Science teachers might like the periodic table of elements and the virtual model of the human skeleton. Social studies teachers, on the other hand, might enjoy the various maps and timeline.

Other Tools

Prowise is a company full of former teachers who make great instructional resources to help your classes be so enjoyable that even Ferris Bueller would show up to school.


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