Teachers Who Use ProQuiz Save Trees (and It Makes Learning Fun!)

Paperless billing? Piece of cake. Recycling our paper and cardboard? Not as easy, but generally it’s not that hard. But come on, getting rid of paper altogether? That’s a bit ridiculous! Oh sure, some of you might know someone who has found a way to be completely paperless—even in the bathroom—but most of us commoners have room for improvement. Most likely, the problem is not that we hate trees and want them chopped down. Rather, the biggest reason is that we don’t know effective ways to eliminate our paper usage. The Prowise ProQuiz application is a great way for teachers to reduce their paper usage.

What is ProQuiz? That’s a good question. It’s an application that works with the cloud-based Prowise Presenter software to send a quiz to students’ devices. This enables a paperless quiz experience. In the words of the manufacturer: “Use ProQuiz to create a test at any desired level. It is so well-developed that these tests can be taken individually or as a group.”

How does ProQuiz work? Teachers can create quizzes using ProQuiz by logging into Prowise Presenter (see my blog post about Presenter) and then clicking on the ProQuiz Button, which is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen (as circled in red below):

ProQuiz Button

Click on the “Maker” button, “make a new quiz,” give the quiz a title, add some directions, and then click start.

ProQuiz Maker

ProQuiz Insert Directions

Then, all you have to do is start adding questions (make sure you don’t make a mistake when marking the right answer—I’ve definitely done that more times than I should have because I was rushing and was careless).

Yes, making a quiz in ProQuiz is a little more time consuming than typing a quiz in Microsoft Word is. But, come on! Making the quiz is all you have to do. The computer will grade it for you. Then, you can export the results to an Excel spreadsheet. The Presenter software saves the quiz in the cloud and you can then access it anywhere you have an internet connection. That way, even if you have an impromptu job interview while you’re vacationing in the Alps, you can still pull up all the amazing quizzes you’ve made and impress that potential employer.

Furthermore, ProQuiz utilizes the ProConnect feature in Presenter, and teachers can either display the quiz on a Prowise flat panel for the whole class or send it out to student devices where students can take the quiz independently and have it scored while the teacher eats chocolate cake, takes a nap, or reads the newspaper.

Finally, ProQuiz can be fun for the students or it can be rigorous (questions can even be open-ended—the software uses a sample answer and key words put into the system by the teacher to score student responses  (it can even be both fun and rigorous!). But one thing is for certain: it allows us all to breathe more easily (that’s because we’re both saving trees and because we’re reaching students in a way that they can understand…technologically).

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