Three Advantages of Prowise Presenter Software Being Cloud-Based

The Prowise Presenter software isn’t just jam-packed with interactive learning tools; it’s cloud-based, and that brings many advantages in and of itself.

Advantage #1: Presenter software is device agnostic.

Many education technology companies require their hardware to be used with their software. However, this means that schools invest thousands of dollars in hardware, and then they are stuck using expensive software for which the prices steadily increase. Luckily, Prowise understands that different devices provide different technology solutions. Thus, they have created a software that is completely compatible with any internet-enabled device. Plus, the Presenter software allows users to import different file formats into it (DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, OOD, IWB, and even SMART) and then export the new files as a PDF.

Cloud-Based - Easy Imports

Therefore, there’s no reason not to commit to Prowise now because even if a better hardware comes along (something I personally truly doubt…but I don’t have a crystal ball) you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to access the Presenter software without breaking any user agreements.

Advantage #2: Presenter software does not need to be installed.

No installation means less maintenance from the technology administrators. It also means that computers don’t have to use storage space for the interactive and teaching tools. Plus, the clip-art library also isn’t wasting valuable storage space either. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent sifting through clip-art only to abandon my search and go to Google Images to get what I’ve needed. What’s great about Presenter is that it has some clip-art images, but users can go straight to the internet to find needed pictures without leaving the software.

Cloud-Based - Cute Dog Pictures

Therefore, you still have room on your computer for all those pictures of your dog, and you can easily insert other dog images by using the software to search.

Advantage #3: Presenter software is easily accessible…anywhere.

It’s true, I’ve never been on aisle five at Walmart and needed to pull up a lesson I’ve created. But with the Prowise Presenter software, I could if I needed to. I wouldn’t even need my laptop or my flash drive. Even though emergency lesson access when you’re out shopping isn’t usually necessary, it’s sure handy if you don’t have your computer, you broke your external hard drive, or you have to cover a class for another teacher. Plus, sharing files is really easy through the cloud as well.  Teachers with a pro account have access to their own private folder, a school folder, a district folder, and a community folder (to which anyone in the world can add files). What’s great is that if Tom opens Bob’s file from the district folder, Tom can make changes to the file without affecting Bob’s original—now that’s cool!

Cloud-Based - Accessing Files

Therefore, the Prowise Presenter software makes storing, accessing, and sharing your files super easy.

Overall, there are many reasons to use the Prowise Presenter software. If you want to learn more, you can read my other blog posts about the software and the ProQuiz and ProConnect applications. Or you could go to

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