Flexible Teaching in the 21st Century

Years ago schools used chalkboards, and then they switched to whiteboards. Teachers would stand up in front and lecture to the students. But teachers aren’t doing the same things that were done years ago. Some teachers don’t want to be anywhere near the front of the room—they want to be wandering around, teaching from anywhere and everywhere. Others don’t want to have a “front of the room.” They want to be able to move desks out of rows and into groups on one day and then back into rows the next. Whiteboards and projectors limit what teachers can do because there is a definite front of the room, which means that some students might have their backs to the teacher.

Luckily, there is a solution that allows teachers the flexibility to eliminate the “front of the room,” or at least move it to wherever s/he needs it to be. The Prowise All-in-One mobile lift provides teachers with the ability to move an interactive panel (and the front of the classroom with it) to anywhere in the room. One power cord means portability is easier than it ever has been before.

What can the All-in-One mobile lift do?

  • It’s height adjustable: short people can reach the top, and tall people don’t have to hunch over to reach the bottom (within reason, people—Yao Ming still needs to bend over to reach the bottom).
  • It’s movable: the front of the classroom can be anywhere the teacher wants it to be.
  • It’s capable of lying completely horizontal: multiple students can then easily be working on the panel at the same time (due to the Prowise panels’ 10-point capacitive touch)

Students Collaborating

Therefore, if you take the extremely flexible Prowise All-in-One mobile lift and the Prowise interactive flat panel, you have yourself an excellent instructional and collaborative resource. It’s the best solution for teaching in the 21st century.

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