The Prowise All-in-One PC and the Virtual Classroom…Perfect Together

Early in my teaching career I tutored several students for either college entrance exams or just extra help in school. They were local students, and I’d either go to their house or I’d meet them at the library. Of course, that was back in the early to mid-2000s. My how times have changed! I still tutor students, but they’re not from nearby towns any more. (They’re not even in the same time zone…or even the same country!) I’ve tutored people in Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, and India (to name a few). Through my own experience I have learned that every online teacher needs the Prowise All-in-One PC.

Distance learning / teaching has its perks: work with a couple of students in France, make yourself some scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then help a student in the UAE. After that, you can shower and work with a few more students from around the world. That’s not to say that online teachers aren’t serious about their work—good ones don’t go to Starbucks when they have to meet virtually with students. Quality online teachers work hard for their students and have the right tools for teaching.

The Prowise All-in-One PC belongs on the list of necessary teaching tools. Here’s why:

  • The All-in-One PC has touch capabilities.
    • An online teacher can write notes for students directly onto the 21” screen.
      • No more holding up a piece of paper or whiteboard to the webcam so that students can copy notes
      • No more using the mouse to write on a digital whiteboard or whiteboard software
      • Online teachers can get a free Prowise Presenter account and they’ll have all the whiteboard capabilities that they’ll need.

Sample Tutor Notes

  • An online teacher can save the notes digitally if s/he desires.
    • No more taking a picture of the whiteboard before erasing it
    • No more piles of papers of previous days’ notes
    • The Pro account of the Prowise Presenter software allows teachers to save unlimited files in the cloud and export the lessons as PDF files to then share with students more easily.
  • The All-in-One PC is highly flexible.
    • It can be a tablet.
      • It can go from upright to lying flat in a manner of seconds.
      • Its three-hour battery life allows online teachers the flexibility of teaching one class in the office and another class in the kitchen if necessary.
      • The touchscreen keyboard makes it so that teachers don’t have use a keyboard or a mouse if they don’t want to.

Tablet mode

  • It can be a desktop computer.
    • The PC uses a Windows operating system.
    • The attached webcam, microphone, stereo speakers, and USB/HDMI ports give it the feel of a computer more than that of a tablet.
    • Teachers can attach a wireless keyboard and mouse (we all know how awful it is to type on a tablet) so that teachers can easily type lesson plans and notes.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I have taught many online classes using a variety devices (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc…). However, now that I have used the Prowise All-in-One PC in my lessons, I never want to use anything else.

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