A New Edge in Football…Technology

We surveyed 100 people and the top 5 answers are on the board: “When you think of a football coach, what is he doing?”  Granted, I did not survey 100 people, but I love playing Family Feud and I am a football coach.  A few of my guesses would be: looking at his play sheet; drawing plays on a white board; watching film; presenting during chalk talk; completing interviews with the media.  Sure, a few of them might be strikes because they are not one of the top five answers, but all of them were featured in the commercial and are a part of my job.  These are all tasks of a coach and are all tasks that can be completed much more easily and efficiently with Prowise technology.

The ability to collaborate and engage using the hardware and the software makes this machine a must have for athletic departments and sport teams.  New technology already eliminates the need for heavy binders called playbooks.  Now it eliminates so much more.  Coaches buy whiteboards with the field or the court already drawn on it.  Our software allows users to create different templates.  Then it allows them to easily draw with a finger or a pen right over the top of those templates and then save them so they do not have to draw it again later when they want someone else to see the play.  It is much more customizable than a white board or paper.  As a football coach, I want to draw plays for specific scenarios like kick-off (whole field) or goal line (just 20 yards).  With customizable templates, it is easy to do just that.  Again, I can overstate the ability to save work.  Erasing the whiteboard is awful because unless one took a picture of it or draw it on paper, all the work is gone.  With our cloud technology, everything is accessible on all devices.

Coaches buy cameras that film HD quality, but then do not have the capability of watching the HD quality film.  They take their film and analyze it using projectors that are not HD.  Our Prowise panels come with 4K resolution and it makes breaking down and analyzing the film so much easier.  Further, with the ability to annotate using our software, coaches can write and draw right over the film.  Coaches can use software like Hudl or JustPlaySS on our panels because they are giant PCs, running Windows 10 and are compatible with almost every type of computer program.  Lastly, with a built in 2.1 sound bar, every sound recorded can be heard crystal clear.  Our panels are not only white boards but they replace the projectors and speakers required to watch film and complete interview/conference calls.

Lastly, great coaches know the importance of the classroom and utilize the classroom just like a teacher would to convey a complex idea.  The software that comes with our hardware bundled together form an incredible tool for teaching and engaging learners.  The interactivity, collaboration and engagement all definitely increase with Prowise.  Film session, chalk talks, and player/coaches meetings can all be dramatically enhanced with this technology.  Great coaches would see the usefulness of the Prowise panel and software and utilize it to their advantage.

Can it give you an edge?  The answer is YES.  It is not what the Prowise bundle can do.  It is what you can do with the Prowise Bundle!

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