Revolutionizing Football with Technology

How technology is changing the game…

“What’s it take to break through? Is it strength…grit?”

These are the first words to the commercial and I thought it appropriate to begin my blog identically.  All summer, the Castlemont Knights endured the physical pain and punishment for a desire to break through.

The start of school is an exciting time of year because it means football season begins.  This past weekend, we saw the NFL kick-off around the country.  Over in the deep east of Oakland, Castlemont, the team I coach for, has been unable to break through in two heartbreaking defeats.  We gave up two fourth quarter leads to lose both games.  In our last defeat over the weekend, we sought revenge against Berkeley high school after they beat us last year.  When they shook our hands and said better luck next year, something inside began eating away at me.  As I said, it is an emotional and exciting time of year.  So of course, I am always looking for an edge.

This year, August was also a very exciting time of year for me professionally because I transitioned out of the classroom and began selling education technology for ELB Education. On day one in my new role as an Education Consultant, focusing on supporting schools and their use of technology, I thought outside the box and saw an immediate connection to athletics; I saw an edge.  It was not so outside the box, in retrospect, because Microsoft Surface asks the same thing: “can a surface help you do it?”

When one is asked how our technology can be used in schools, he or she immediately thinks about academics and how our panels can fit in the classroom.  I, as former teacher, of course, understand the transformational power our technology has on classrooms.  I, however, also saw its application to any environment that uses a front display like in athletics, specifically after school programs and football programs.  Therefore, my next post will enlighten us how our Prowise Interactive Panels and Tablets can be used to support a team break through.

Fittingly, I will end my post just like the commercial ends.  As a salesman, I want to stress the replacement in the quote of their product, the Microsoft Surface, for my product, the Prowise solutions, but I am not that biased, influenced, or prejudiced.  I would however want to stress the edge any interactive panel gives a team, not just the Surface.

“Can it give you an edge?  It is not about what a Microsoft Surface can do.  It is what you can do with.”


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