Prowise’s Potential: Saugus blazes the trail

The Saugus Union School District is a trailblazer, incorporating the newest Prowise technology into their teaching models for other districts around the state and country to learn from and replicate.  Children interact with technology constantly in our modern world and our workforce is driven by the use of technology.  Therefore, our education system must incorporate the interaction between students and technology or we will fail to prepare students with the skills for tomorrow.

After a thorough investigation, Saugus identified that Prowise offers the best solutions to their technology needs.   They researched the interactivity between the panels and their Chromebooks.  They found that the ProConnect software provided teachers with an amazing tool for engagement.  In addition, they developed an understanding how the technology could improve time on task for students with ADHD.  Prowise interactive flat panels can be particularly powerful in special education classrooms and for students with individualized education plans because students get more opportunities to interactive with the content in engaging ways.

Schools will continue to upgrade their technology as long as their budgets will allow.  That is a fact.  Regretfully, there is not a universal answer to what schools should buy for their classrooms/learning environments.  Every school and district will need to assess their individual needs and conclude what is best and most effective for their desired outcomes.  The Saugus Union School District decided Prowise was the best technology for their students.  More schools must consider Prowise because the solutions from Prowise answer most schools’ technology needs and can help them reach their desired outcomes.  Soon, many more districts will decide that Prowise is the solution; they will follow Saugus’ lead; and they will implement Prowise software and hardware into their education plans because of its potential to transform.


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