The Wire Trap

The Proliferation  of Wireless Technology  Spreads Into The Classroom

The wireless world around us has led Apple to remove the headphone jack on the new iPhone.  Apple identified that cords and wires are messy and undesired.  They might have also identified and created high demand in a budding wireless headphone market, but our focus will be on the concept of a wireless solution.  They created a solution to completely eliminate the hassle of wires.  The whole concept of mobile phones developed from landlines and cordless phones.  Technology has consistently been moving in a wireless direction.  In addition to phones, computer desktops transformed into laptops and tablets.

Now, every new device on the market maximizes functionality by striving to be wireless.  The only true impediment left seems to be the power source.  In this same fashion, ELB Education offers solutions by Prowise that eliminate the wire trap.  Their “Plug N Play” technology works by simply plugging the machine into an outlet and turning it on.  This new technology eliminates a picture like this one (from Classroom Quest), which is almost identical to my old classroom and transforms it with an all-in-one product:


The new technology replaces all that mess with one powerful product:


Teachers need this new technology to maximize their use of the learning space and possess the resources to engage and interactive with students like never before.


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