The Classroom in the Digital Revolution

Tablet modeWhen I look at the times that we live in, I am always reminded of a quote by Charles Dickens from Tale of Two Cities. “It was the best of times, it was the worse of times.” This quote rings true to today’s education system. We can examine and look at all of the issues in education today and scratch our heads and wonder what went wrong, and we can also look at all the amazing things that are happening in our schools today. While we cannot forget the problems of our education, we need to focus on the positive and making change for the better.  

Education itself is going through a revolution, we are changing the way we teach. Methods that have been used since the first public school was opened are being re-examined and analyzed. How do our pedagogies fit in this new world? As our society progresses through this Digital Revolution, so do our schools. We need to better fit our kids for the future, the future that they will help build and be an active participant in. This does not have to wait until they get their diploma and begin their college education or trade, this could happen right now in the classroom. The revolution needs to happen in our classrooms, and to do so we need to revolutionize that way we teach kids. We can do this through technology.


Technology is constantly growing at a rapid rate, and sometimes it feels like an impossible feat to keep up to date with the most recent thing. With all the responsibilities that teachers hold, how can we add more to our already growing To-do list? The cost of technology is high and administrators have to see a return on investment with the tech tools they purchase. How can they know that this cool gadget will not be obsolete in a few years? How do we select a product that will help our students in the learning process?

The key is to find technology that changes with the times and also addresses the needs of the students. Take for instance the computer, while computers today look completely different than computer 20 years ago, they still have an important use in our society. The same goes with software, finding a software that will withstand the ages and evolve to address the needs of tomorrow.

That is the reason that I have grown to love an interactive flat panel system. This piece of technology has been around for some time and continues to grow with the ages. It’s important to look at your options as there are many different products on the market. It’s best to look at which one will give you the most value and last the longest. That is why I like the Prowise panels. Originating in the Netherlands, Prowise is a newer contender in the North American Market. While it may be one of the newer ones, it is also one of the better ones. Besides the easy to use features of this flat panel, it is also a Windows 10 computer. All of the features that I can do on my personal computer at home, I can also do on this panel. All the user has to do is simply plug it in. That’s it! No more trying to connect wires to various ports and calibrating screens, etc. It’s simple, easy to use, and hassle free.


The icing on the cake is the software that is part of the bundle. Each flat panel comes with a Pro Account for their Prowise software. It’s a cloud-based software that provides to most up to date tools and services; everything you need for teaching can be done on their software. No need to spend hours as a teacher looking for new tools to use in the classroom, it’s all right there and simple to learn. Since it’s cloud-based, you can access your information anywhere and don’t have to worry about installing/updating the software. Don’t want to have to lug around a crate full of grading materials? Me either. With this software, you can save your activities and quizzes to assess at a later time. Another perk of this software being cloud-based, no more software updates that you have to install on the computer! That little notification on that corner of your screen that you ignore until the inevitable is not a part of this package. Students Collaborating

Picking the right product for the needs of your classroom and school could make the difference between the “best of times” and the “worst of times.” Select a product that is versatile, can withstand the ever changing world, and most importantly address the needs of your students.  This is an investment in your children’s future and picking the right tools to help students is what it’s all about.

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