Where Have We Been?

Ever wonder what the Education Consultants of ELB are up to? Don’t say, “No”, because now you are thinking about it! From trade shows to demos to professional development, our Education Consultants don’t stop! If you ever catch an ELB Education Consultant, post a picture with them on Twitter with #GotELB and tag @ELBEducationUS to have the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter! Learn about what we’ve been up to these last few weeks:

Our Florida EC, Kate Finn, had the opportunity to do some professional development and demos in the New England area. It may have been a cruel joke to send a Florida girl to the snow, but she got it done. Prowise was a standout at Harvard, MIT, and a local fire department. During the field training exercise at a fire department, they loved the ability to share out a map with the first responders and have the first responders report back to HQ with what they are seeing. Harvard and MIT were very happy with the ability to have a large, mobile, touch screen that had a built-in PC.

ben at steam 2018

On the other coast, two of our amazing California EC team members went full steam ahead at the 2017 California STEAM Symposium where educators across the state gathered at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to collaborate on innovative resources they use in their classrooms while providing professional development to fellow teachers, administrators and district members.  Our ECs showcased how Prowise touch screens can be used as student-centred technology in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art. Teachers saw the value in the ease of tilting the touch screen into a collaborative table in order to bring flexibility to any space and teach and learn in new ways. As next steps, teachers were excited to demo a panel in their own classrooms to engage students in the active learning styles that the STEAM Symposium represents.

celbs 2018Our New York EC, Bari Gersten, had a ball with celebrities at NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) where she saw such celebrities as Barack Obama, Cat in the Hat and the one and only Ms. Frizzle. Along with these celebrities, teachers, too flock to this convention every year to take advantage of the very best in professional learning and countless opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues.

Where Are We Going?  Will you be attending FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference) in Orlando, Florida January 23-26, TCEA in Austin, Texas February 5-9 or any other awesome conventions? Let us know! Don’t forget! If you see our ECs out and about take a picture with them, post on Twitter with #GotElb @ELBEducationUS for a chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter!

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