Career and Technical Education: Preparing Students for Tomorrow with the Technology of Tomorrow

As we launch into the New Year, we often make goals and plans to improve ourselves for the next year to come.  As educators, we take this one step further and create goals not only for ourselves but for our students.  CTE teachers have an especially challenging role as they have the responsibility of providing challenging, relevant teaching styles and content but also staying up to date with the most modern tools for their trade.

      special feature pic jan 10 2018 From information technology, engineering, culinary arts to so much more, Career and Technical Education is not a department that caters to “one size fits all.” Leaders and instructors are always on the lookout for hardware and software that meets the demands of their unique classroom style. With the high demands of their trades, the only option for them is flexible modern and innovative technology. According to the National Center for  Education Statistics (2011), 97% percent of high school graduates took at least one course relating to CTE while 15% of the overall credits earned in high school come from a CTE course.  Furthermore, students who participate in CTE course are eight to ten times less likely to dropout of high school (Association for Career and Technical Education, 2007).  These results are attributed to the approach many CTE classes take as they specialize on mentoring and preparing students for life after high school.

A Health Science Teacher from a Texas high school uses an interactive flat panel for her students to investigate a 3D model of a skeleton. The students are engaged identifying each bone and manipulating the model to see the structure from different angles. The price for model skeletons are costly and can cause wear and tear overtime.  With interactive panels, students don’t miss on important opportunities such as dissection when they can experience it virtually on a 4K device. feature article 2018

Technology needs to be flexible and versatile, one product should offer multiple solutions. Prowise offers a PC module that enhances the tools that CTE already has by making it more interactive and engaging for students who need the hands on experience. The all-in-one mobile stand makes it easy for teachers to use in any environment for any function.

jan 10 2018 feature article 2A Criminal Justice teacher from a high school uses his interactive flat panel to help his students annotate court cases. With Proconnect, the students are able to see the presentation on their personal devices and make notes to send back to the teacher. Students become accountable for the work they do and are provided with real-life experiences.

It’s no wonder that students who participate in Career and Technical Student Organizations are motivated and are more engaged (Alfred et al., 2007). CTE with the latest technology and instruction better prepares our doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and teachers of tomorrow.

Author: Alexis Peterson


Alfred, C. Stone, J., Aragon S., Hansen, D., Zirkle C., Connors J., Romine, R.S., Woo, H. (2007). Looking Inside the Black Box: The Value Added by Career and Technical Student Organizations to Students’ High School Experience. National Research Center for Career and Technical Education.


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